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With its chosen title ‘how it is’, the Folk Life Museum marks the starting point for its new exhibition. It undertakes a survey of the present social situation and of cultural forms of expression, linking the way a Central European region sees and conceives of itself, a region that enjoys immense popularity as a tourist destination. The focus shifts to those who live in Styria, spend time here or are connected to the province in some other way. What concerns people? What do they identify with, what do they care about? How do they shape their lives, their environment and society? How do they act when faced with developments that influence their usual way of life?

‘SHOWING STYRIA is an ideal opportunity for the Folk Life Museum to deepen the perspective of the present already found in exhibitions to date, and to take up, to a greater degree, topical, socially relevant themes. In this, it always becomes clear that everything that has come into being has a history, too. The museum also takes new paths in terms of communication and cultural participation, its goal thereby to create new approaches to the subject matter of a folk life museum in today’s world.’

Birgit Johler
Curator, Folk Life Museum


Folk Life Museum

‘how it is. Worlds – Changes – Perspectives.’

Paulustorgasse 11-13a, 8010 Graz

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