The exhibitions of SHOWING STYRIA

how it was – how it is – what will be – who we are

SHOWING STYRIA examines the past, present and future of Styria at four locations. In three museums located in the heart of the city of Graz and a mobile pavilion, the exhibitions invite the visitors to engage with the past and future story that is Styria. SHOWING STYRIA presents noteworthy projects and developments from all areas of nature, society and culture, as well as scientific and artistic creation.

Grafik: Museum für Geschichte, Steiermarkschau 2021


History Museum

how it was

Garfik Volkskundemuseum, Steiermarkschau 2021


Folk Life Museum

how it is

Grafik Kunsthaus Graz, Steiermarkschau 2021


Kunsthaus Graz

what will be

Grafik mobiler Pavillon, Steiermarkschau 2021


mobile pavilion

who we are

The History Museum

is the location for the question ‘how it was’.
Here the relationship between Styrians, their province and its history is considered.


The Folk Life Museum

undertakes a survey of the present social situation and of cultural forms of expression in Styria.

The Kunsthaus Graz

ventures to glimpse into the future (various futures), posing the question as to how life may look in Styria in tomorrow’s world.


With the mobile pavilion

SHOWING STYRIA travels to people throughout the various regions of Styria. Here, all visitors are invited to explore the various regions of Styria and get to know them better.