‘With SHOWING STYRIA we are actively participating in the shaping of possible futures and running through various scenarios in a practical way, beyond the boundaries set by disciplines.’

Shaping the future

SHOWING STYRIA unfolds at its venue, the Kunsthaus Graz, on all levels of the building. SHOWING STYRIA exhibition stretches from the foyer and exhibition rooms to the Needle, and into the internet, moreover, so that the physical and virtual spaces are linked up. The futures shown in the exhibition thus examine present reality, such as structural change in the countryside, the themes of mobility, digitalisation and logistics, or issues concerning agriculture and the closed cycle economy, migration or gender equality.

The exhibition accompanying SHOWING STYRIA in the Kunsthaus Graz points out not only various conceivable and potential changes in the different areas of society. Rather, it is meant to be seen as an opportunity to realise various projects in the Kunsthaus Graz, such as the avoidance of packaging waste and use of sustainable materials in the design of exhibitions, for instance, as well as inclusion of the same in the daily running of the institution.

how it will be” is not just an art exhibition, it connects previously unlinked areas of knowledge and activities. Large companies and small start-ups, initiatives, societies, research institutions and artists are involved in the project. Ecological, economic, social and cultural topics are addressed from many perspectives, across disciplines and in a multidimensional way.

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