‘With SHOWING STYRIA, we in the Folk Life Museum have set out to increasingly tackle current themes, thereby illustrating that all that has become has its own history, too.’

A Changing World

There have always been periods in which mankind had to confront changing processes or saw themselves threatened by various crises. Such phases are accompanied by such feelings as insecurity, anxiety or fear.

It is just these challenges that promote reflection and that stimulate creative solutions, however. Taking both current and historical examples, the Folk Life Museum, as part of SHOWING STYRIA, shows how people communicate and act in such situations, or how they deliberately join forces with others for their cause. This ‘changing world’ can be experienced in the Folk Life Museum exhibition within the framework of SHOWING STYRIA.

An extensive accompanying programme educational in purpose picks up the themes of the exhibition and transforms the Folk Life Museum into an interactive venue.

‘With its view of the present, the Folk Life Museum focuses on the life circumstances of people in times of key changes in the past and the present. The concern, too, is with cultural transformations occurring in the charged zone between tradition and modernity, between the local and the global. The museum also takes a new path in terms of communication and cultural participation. Its goal thereby is to create new approaches to the subject matter of a folk life museum in today’s world.’

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