One exhibition - four scenes

The first major SHOWING STYRIA will draw a wide arc in terms of contents, stretching from way back in the past into the future.

Regarding contents, the titles of the individual exhibitions have been assigned to the respective museums and the mobile pavilion:

SHOWING STYRIA reflects the extent to which modern-day Styria’s many voices and diversity are interconnected within Austria, Europe and the world. It shows us a province that seeks vibrant interaction with its neighbours and that takes an active role in shaping the European community, without ever forgetting its history.

SHOWING STYRIA helps us to reflect on and question critically how we view ourselves; yet also, it boosts self-assurance. It is a location designated for examination of the past, of the region, and of the future, too.

SHOWING STYRIA tackles the most varied topics in an interdisciplinary and comprehensive way. The individual locations invite us to engage with the diversity of the region from a range of perspectives, creating in this way multi-faceted worlds of art and knowledge.

Styria is well-known beyond its borders not only for its countryside, but for its cultural diversity, too. Thinking creatively and well in advance, designing in an innovative and revolutionary way – all these attributes are second nature to Styrians. I am proud of this new format that has been created with SHOWING STYRIA, a format that portrays the breadth that is Styria.

Ranging from the past through the present to the future, and seen through the lens of art and culture, the new ‘Regional Exhibition’ shines light on the ‘Green Heart of Austria’ in a way that transcends disciplines. Projects and developments from nature, society and culture are made accessible to a wider public, as are achievements in the scientific and artistic domains. The exhibition is a drawing-point for interested visitors and locals alike, in the regions and above all in the three locations found in Graz.

As Governor of Styria, I am therefore particularly indebted to all those who have created SHOWING STYRIA and who have made its realisation possible through the commitment they have shown. All the best for a successful future!

Or as we say in Styria: ‘Glück auf!’

Hermann Schützenhöfer, Governor of Styria

With SHOWING STYRIA we are able to present the new exhibition format for Styria with a great feeling of pride. 15 years after the last regional exhibition, we have thus filled a gap in Styrian cultural life, with an event that will occur bi-annually from now on.

In its first version, SHOWING STYRIA is dedicated to a comprehensive examination of Styria by Styrians. It is the ‘Regional Exhibition’.

Three museum locations in Graz will open up new perspectives to us. The History Museum, the Folk Life Museum, which will shine in new splendour just in time for SHOWING STYRIA following a comprehensive overhaul, and the Kunsthaus Graz. A journey is undertaken here, from ‘what was’, via ‘how it is’, to reach ‘what will be’.

The first version of SHOWING STYRIA could not possibly take place without the close involvement of Styria’s regions. A mobile pavilion, functioning as the external branch of the first major SHOWING STYRIA and covering an impressive 800 square metres, will therefore stop off at locations in Vienna and districts of Styria.

Be sure to visit SHOWING STYRIA 2021 and become part of this immersive engagement with our Styrian identity!